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  • May172017

    Carver Skateboard – Like Father, Like Son


    I’ve been really missing the surf since we got to Quebec, but I found a concrete wave a few blocks away where…

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  • May052017

    Update from the Flipside

    Where we ¬†are, what we do, where to next… #outoffocus (but that’s what Tadej talks about- no time for a second take).…

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  • Feb042017

    Elias Raw – 11 Months

    From -25 to t-shirt weather in one night. Elias has been collecting some air miles. After spending 2 months in Canada, we…

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  • Dec312016

    Elias Raw – 10 Months

    Elias started his 10 months with a bang. He got the 2 upper front teeth! This was a bit of a hard…

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  • Dec222016

    In memory of Bruce Lee Sanchez


    2 years ago, today, I had to say goodbye to my beloved dog named Bruce.¬† On the 20th of December, he got…

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  • Dec082016

    5 tips to succeed on a Vegan diet

    It’s been 5 years being Vegan for us so 5 is the magic number right now. Today we present you 5 crucial…

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