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Elias Raw – 11 Months

Elias Raw – 11 Months
4. February 2017 TheFlipsideFamily
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From -25 to t-shirt weather in one night. Elias has been collecting some air miles.
After spending 2 months in Canada, we returned to the land of salty air, figs and waves. Spending time on the beach, visiting the local farmers market for some fresh goods.

He is walking around holding on to furniture, emptying all the drawers he can reach and open. He started to let go for a few second to balance in the standing position.

His sounds are still limited to buh, bah, booh, mah, muh, ma ma. He is recognizing objects by looking at them after we ask him where teddy bear, skateboard, Julio, cajon, guitar…. are. Licking his lips when he wants to eat something.