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  • Dec292017


    Second edition of our boys skateboarding. This time, Elias is 22 months old. He improved so much since the last video we…

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  • Sep202017

    What Our 19 Month Old Raw Vegan Baby Eats

    Take a look in a day of what Elias eats on raw vegan diet.

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  • Sep192017

    John John Florence Gone Vegan


    After the recent video we’ve made about Kelly Slater working himself toward a vegan diet, the news hit us that John John…

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  • Sep172017

    Introducing Solid Food To Your Baby – Raw Vegan

    We got a question about when and what to introduce to a baby as a first solid food so we answer it…

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  • Sep162017

    Our Living Situation – Homeless

    We don’t call a place home at the moment. Not since years actually. We spend winters in Portugal, and summers between Canada,…

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  • Sep152017

    Stay-At-Home Dad // Visiting Toronto

    Ann works remotely for a Toronto based company and got invited to spend the week in the office. Of course Elias and…

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